About NIUNet

NIUNet is a roughly 175-mile fiber optic loop throughout the western Chicago suburbs and greater northern Illinois region, consisting of both newly constructed segments and previously unused leased underground fiber. It is a joint effort of NIU's Division of Information Technology and Regional Development Institute.

early map of NIUNetWhen work to build NIUNet began in 2004, the goal was simple: create a high-speed fiber optic network that linked the main campus in DeKalb with Outreach Centers in Rockford, Naperville and Hoffman Estates.

Almost immediately, NIU realized that it could be something much more significant. Soon the goal became much more ambitious: deliver the latest high-speed communication technology not just to NIU facilities but to the entire region - at an affordable price.

iFiber (Broadband Initiatives) MapAs the partnerships have grown in number, NIUNet has acquired a reputation for cutting edge technology and innovative cost-sharing arrangements that allowed the network to grow by leaps and bounds.

The NIUNet broadband model makes low-cost connectivity to Internet Service Providers and between facilities for NIUNet partners possible.